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Welcome to the RS LAND Wiki

This wiki is for my game on ROBLOX based on RuneScape called RS LAND. There are two "RS LAND" games right now, and there will probably be more to come. There will be very few more updates to RS LAND Classic. RS LAND II is in the process of rebuilding right now.

Click to play RS LAND Classic

On to RS LAND II!Edit

Soon RS LAND II is coming back and is going to be better than ever once the terrain comes out! First though I will be adding a few more updates to RS LAND Classic. Please note that RS LAND II will NOT have the same textures as RS LAND Classic. The textures were supposed so be for Robloxia Quest until I replaced the rock texture, as the rock texture looks very unreal. Roblox's game engine also has a low tolerance for a large amount of textures. So everyone get ready for the come of RS LAND II!

Click to play RS LAND Classic

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Latest activityEdit

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